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The Basketball Field
by Detrict Reivax

This happen many years ago in a very old Chinese high school in shouthern part of Malaysia. The school over look the ocean, during World War 2, many died here... Student camping at night in the school ground would hear marching sound yet see nothing in the mid of the night. Even the school care taker would not come out after dark. The senior would always tell the junior scary stories of the school premises and the breach at the back of the school. Especially the swimming club and the sail boat club.

This guy,'Max' love to play basketball, one night in a camping at the school premises, he heard sound of people playing basketball in the middle of the night. Being unable to sleep, he went over to look.....

He saw two team of people (adults) playing basketball. There were nothing strange about them.( looking from a distance ). He got a shock when he saw one of the player leap into the sky and flu over one end of the field and score. He ran as fast as he could back into his tent until the next the morning when everyone woke up. He never stay a another night in the school again and quite basketball after that.

The seniors were RIGHT.........