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A Camping Experience
by Eugene Koh

well to begin...

This story is true but to belive it,is only up to you.

During the last holiday (1998 1st semester holiday), I went for a camping trip with a bunch of scouts in Templer park.On the first night,we all had this activity with involves leaving 4 person at different places (there were about 60 scouts). So i was left with 3 of my best friend at a bending corner. After been left about 30 minutes,sunddenly out of nowhere appeared this 4 guys which spoke old japanese and wore all white(i understand as i go for japanese lesson).This were nothing,as we taught those were only campers on nighthike.

After the camp where i n a few freinds gather around and chat, that was the time that give me a shock! During that night,the other group of 4 person who sat before us never saw anyone passing them, but one out of the four in the middle of the activities felt very scare n cold.

I later also found out that one of our scout at that night has barefooted (remember,we are on a hill top) walk down the hill asleep and start speaking to thin air.He was lucky as one of our senior saw him and call out to him.This scout,belive it or not ,was the person which was suppose to take care of the camp with me!