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A dream...or was it?
by Debby Tien

this is a weird experience..its pretty short..just hear me out ,ok....

it happened like this. it was about 3 years ago and i was watching tv with everybody, and it was this really good tv special on paranormal phenomenon. after i watched tv, i was pretty tired so i went sleep. and here is the confusing part. i dont know if i dreamed this or if it happened for real, but it certainly freaked me out. (as it happened, i really thought it was real, but after a whlie i couldnt believe my self so i labeled it as just another one of my trippy dreams) but going back to the topic..i was sleeping very soundly until i wokeup because i had this very strange feeling. strangely i couldnt go back to sleep so i sat at my study table thinking about irrevelent stuff. then i felt a cool air around me, but it wasnt a draft. i didnt think much of it until the walls in my room felt as if they were drifting away. i got up from my study and sat on the table. then something very weird happened.>. a rose petal fell from nowhere. then my whole room started to rain rose petals. i wasnt scared, but instead very confused. i remember the experience being very real because i felt myself catching the rose petals as they fell. but to this day i cant figure out if this actually happened.

nah...probably just a dream.