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Four In One
By Joon Keat
Story 1:

This is how I discover that my sisters's room is haunted!(my sister already knew, she told my family but no one buy it! I believe her but wouldn't expect that I would xperience it!) I was reading a book on the bed when I heard this breathing sound gettin louder! At first, I tot my neighbour was watching TV really loud (as usual!) So I just ignore it, but then the breathing got so near to my face and so loud, I could feel the air! MAN, was I freaked out or what! I was so scared that my body was numb! I tried to scream but I can't...finally, I rushed out to the living room.It wouldn't seems scarry at all, but wait till u xperience it! END OF STORY ONE.

Story 2:

This is when I already know that my sister's room is haunted. It was 10.30 at nite and I wanna get some stuff from my sista's room (she's in australia at that time). Knowing that the room was bloody haunted, I switched on all the lights in the living room, switch on the stereo and TV and all sorts of stuff to keep the house noisy and bright. When I went into the room, you can realy feel the chill and a sudden silence (NO KIDDIN!). So, keep on wit my business. I was searching for this magazine, you see, when I heard my mom came in. (I could see a shadow standing behind me and no one was at home except my mom) So I asked her to make me a cup of Milo. 'Amma, please make me a cup of Milo.' I said but there was no response. I look behind and NO ONE WAS THERE!!! then, have the same feeling as my previous xperience- My whole body was bloody numb but I manage to rush to my mom's room. I told her and she didn't believe me. 'No lah, no such thing as ghost.' She said, but deep inside me, I knew she knows something's wrong in that room and she believes in ghosts cuz she's got loads of ghosts storyies too!!! END OF STORY TWO

Story 3:

This is the most awesome one I have heard! It happened to my cousin, X, when I was 3 years old. It was Hungry Ghost Festival and my family went to the 'Tai Pak Kong San' cemetary located at Canning Garden. I didn't go cuz I was a bloody 3 year old kid! Anyway, they reach there at 1 PM and they took a short cut into the cemetary (as many others do). After all the praying, burning, cleaning stuff, they leave. As my cousin X reach the car, she realize she had left the umbrella at the tomb and went back to get it. She walk back the same short cut path which was through a small dirty lane fill with grass, but instead of seeing tomb stones,(believe it or not) she saw a clearings and a wooden house in front. She was so shocked, scared, confused, excited, she just stood there. After awhile, my uncle impatiently go and look for her, and shouted her name. My cousin quickly rush back to the car and tell everyone else and everyone believe he (cuz she was an adult).The umbrella, unfortunately, was a mystery...END OF STORY THREE

Story 4:

This one I saw in NAN YANG SIANG PAO newspaper. On a Scouts camping trip in a Forest in Johor, X wanna piss, so he got out of the camp and walk a meter away to piss under a tree. After doing his business, he turned back and the tent dissapeared!!! So he search for the guys and after some serious walking, he fainted. The next morning, the group od scouts found X missing and organize a search party. They finally found X fainted deep inside the forest. X is my friend! I believe they( X and my cousin) had entered something called THE TWILIGHT ZONE....END OF STORY FOUR