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Holiday Hauntings
by Harold Brian Loseo Tan

Story 1

A couple of yrs ago i went to port dickson with a handful of friends .... we did the usual where we went to swim in the sea and so on and so forth ... but then when it got near to midnight we were a bit bored so we decided to drive around ... for some reason one topic lead to another then we started to talk about ghost stories... so as a joke we decided to enter this long road that was being made and didn't have any street lights ... driving through we were laughing and acusing each other of lies and this and that .... now this is the scary part .... all of a sudden my friend beside me went quite .... so i was like what's wrong with you ... then she said stop the car, turn around and go ... don't ask any questions .. so there i was behind the wheel puzzled and stuff .... then i looked forward ... there i saw right in front of the car .... a figure floating just in front .... like it was keeping up with up .. floating left and right ... it was seven feet tall at least ... all white with hair from the top till it's feet ... there was no face or anything .... so i slammed the brakes and turned the car around ... sped off and didn't look back ...

Story 2

I was with my mother and a few family friend and we decided to go up to Cameron Highlands for a weekend break ... in the early hours of the evening ... we decided to play mahjong .... it was a large house which we manage to get through the company (company house) so there i was playing facing a corridor ... at the end of this corridor was a room which my two younger brothers, baby sister and myself were to stay in ... then we heard a little girl sing ... load ... really load .... so we thought i was my little sister bored ... which was a bit wierd cause like it was really late at night .... then it stopped and a few minutes later it started again .... we forgot it and didn't go to sleep till the about six in the morning .... the follwing evening ... we asked our maid why my little sister was singing so late and she said that she was asleep upstairs in another room ... we then asked the landlady why she sleeps in another house outside the premises .... she claims that there is something wierd about the house that she doesnt trust .... .. !!!!