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GhoSt StOrY
by Kevin Daluz

This Is A Story About A Married Couple.

The Strange Thing That Happened To This Couple Was This..... Shortly After Their Marriage They Had A Child ( Just As Most Married Couples Do) Anyways, This Child That They Have Born Was An Unattractive Child You might say. Possibly It Had Some Deformaties. Furthermore, The Married Couple Could Not Stand The The Comments By Their Neighbors And People On The Streets. They Sat And Thought. They Knew They Wanted To Get Rid Of The Child. A Short Time Later They Decided To Go On A Boat And Dump Their Child Into The Ocean. So It Was Done. The Couple Felt So Very Guilty But Always Thought That They Would Rather Had Done This, Then Withstand The Not So Good Comments From Other People.

Months Later The Couple Had Another Child. Fortunately This Child Was A Very Healthy One. It Was A Beautiful Baby Girl. The Couple Was So Happy To Have A "Good Looking" Child. More Time Later It Was During A Vacation...The Family Was On A Cruise...... Mother, Father, And Daughter.....They Were On An Expensive Cruise On The Sea On A Big Nice Ship. While On The Ship The Family (Father,Mother,And Daughter) Were Looking Out To The Ocean Enjoying Its Beautiful Scenery When Suddenly The Daughter Gave The Mother And Father A Dirty Look, A Somewhat eViL Look. The Mother Responded To The Daughter, "Whats The Matter Honey?" The Mother Replied. "You're Not Going To Throw Me Into The Ocean Again Are You Mommy?" The Child Responded. Suddenly The Father And Mother Looked At The Child In Fear....... Could Their First Child Possibly Have Been Reincarnated Into The Body Of Their Second Child?

What Do You Think?