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Mother's Story
by Joon Keat

OK, there is really no horror STORY. they're just horror incident, so there's no story behind them....All of this stories (my mom's stories) occured when she was just 12-17.

They used to live in a building called SYDNEY in Old Town, Ipoh. The building is still there. ok, as a reminder, all the following stories are very very unbelievable, it's up to u to believe it.

My mom n family used to live in the lower level of this building, the top level are used to store dead bodies, where they are ready to go through some chinese funeral. There was no room for anyone then, except for my granparents and the owner cuz they're da BOSS. Everyone just sleeps on the floor.

My mom who always sneek into da owners(a women) room to sleep. There hangs diz picture on the wall, and, says my mom, it always drip bloods at nite. My grandfather always quarrel with spirits. Every nite, someone would pull you leg, that is EVERYTIME.

That's it... sounds boring cuz there's no story behind them all. But they're still bloody scary.