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An Orientation Story
by Elaine

Hi,this is my first time submitting a story to share.The story I am to share is told to me by my cousin years ago.It was a personal ghost story told by his teacher during his orientation in sec sch.It goes like this...

Once his teacher had to send one of his relatives who is returning to the U.S after coming back to s'pore for a visit off to the airport,after bidding farewell to the relative,he drove his way back home. At the carpark,he saw an old lady n her grand son walking slowly towards the exit of the carpark.Feeling sorry for the both of them, he offer to drive them out.The old lady politely refused n continue their way.Thinking nothing about it,he drove out of the carpark.At the high way to his surprise,he saw the both of them in front of him! As he drove past,he noticed that the old lady is waving to him.Without any delay,he speed his way home. As he reach home,as he was getting a glass of water,he juz happen to look out of his window of his flat,to his shock he was looking direct at the couple again! As he was staying at the 3rd floor,he could see the old lady was still waving to him but this time round all he could see was juz two skeletons instead,waving and nodding at him! After that,his teacher fell ill for 2 weeks and during which he had nightmares for the entire 2 weeks of the two of them calling out to him to join them on their journey to HELL!