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by Jimmy

It happened on a uneventful afternoon, as usual my mum brought me to visit an auntie for a little chat. when I reach there, I realized that the house (Condo) is a well decorated and tidy. The strange thing is the house is dark even with all the lights on, the afternoon sun seems dark.

Being a very playful kid back then, I search the house for hidden toys leaving my mum chatting in the living room. I open all the doors and search feverishly for my afternoon toys.

After opening all the doors, well almost . I noticed that one particular door near the end of that corridor was what it seemed to be, a store room. Believing that my prize toy will be there waiting for me to play with, I innocently turn the knob which I wished in my whole life that I hadn't.

"CRRRRRRRRRRACK......" my heart thumps with anxiety

In the dimmed 'room' I saw it. It was in a Japanese soldier uniform. I cannot see through him and it looked very solid. However what gave it away was the it's body got no hands and no legs and was floating in mid-air. Then the most frightening was it actually spoke to me...

"Wo... Yao... Chi... Dong... Xi..." I want to eat something in Chinese...

"Gui ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs (=GHOST!!!!)

I slammed the door hard with all my might and ran towards the living room screaming! Noticing my bloodless white face, my aunt and my mum seemed to be very concerned and my aunt admitted that the 'room' is actually haunted.

The 'room' actually is a backdoor leading to a staircase that was almost in complete darkness.

My mum immediately called the so called 'Chinese medium' or the Chinese priest...Strangely they arrived rather quickly and prepare the stuffs. I was carried to seat on a very tall chair and was made to face towards the door...where I saw the ghost. The Chinese medium opened the door

"CRRRRRRRRRACK" This time there was empty darkness.

The Chinese medium then slowly burn some yellow papers and thrust the ashes into the bowl of blessed water. He mumbled some prayers he pour the mixture into his mouth.

He spayed the mixture on to the back of my headwhile I stare blankly towards the empty darkness of evil presence.

The same process was done with the front door.

Later that year, by chance a taxi driver who claimed to had some knowledge of the supernatural learned from a master ( SI FU ) in Thailand saw me and my mum. We happened to be his taxi pessengers.

He told us that I had a half YIN YANG YEN ( eye that can see ghost ) and luckily he said it was not permanent and can be removed. He did some process of using some burning incense sticks to write some 'thing' near my eyes. All I remember is it felt very hot then after that it was refreshing.

Now I can no longer see ghost, I wondered if I can still catch on at the corner of my eyes...