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Seriosly Ghostly
by Jinny \"Wolf\" Sanders

Here are some of the most creeepiest stories I've read in Korean books they nearly made me want to run to my mom,so here goes:

One dark night these two girls,Karen and Raye, were studing up late when since Karen is the head of the class Raye felt jelous. Karen went up to the window, which happened to be on a steep ledge. Raye felt this was her chance to be head of the class so she slowly went over = and...pushed her. Afterwards she ran home.

The next day the teacher asked "Has anyone seen Karen?" and including Raye everyone answered "No".

The next day Raye was up till 12 P.M. at school. Then she heard a thump, thump ,thump. Then a creak oh she isn't here, thump thump thump, oh she isn't here either. Raye got so scared she hid under her desk. After a while the creak came to her door. She looked under a crack below her desk and died of a heart attack. There under the crack two pairs of eyes staired at her and said "Now I found you!"