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A Pack Of Six
by Patricia Moir

1. (Yuji, Japan)

A few years ago, I was watching TV with my friend in my apartment. On TV there was playing a kind of true horror show which is shown every summer season.

Suddenly, my friend stopped talking. The story on TV was about the closure of a school which was being exorcised by a Japanese traditional shaman. He seemed to be praying to a god or spirit, and after a few minutes, his voice changed and became very deep. The voice said, "I will never forget your faces and yellow car because you were disturbing my sleep breaking windows and walls; I will never forgive you."

After my friend heard this, his face looked like he was afraid. I asked him, "What's the matter with you?" He asked me, "Have you ever believed in ghosts?" I thought he made fun of me; however, his face was very serious. He said that he had gone to that same school one month earlier with his friends when they had been drinking too much and had broken windows and walls.

I knew he had a yellow car. I still thought that he was joking, but he called a few friends who were there with him. One of the friends was watching the same TV show. The friend was shocked by the story. I couldn't believe them, but they talked to me seriously. When I suggested that I would like to go there with them, they were really afraid, so finally I thought they told a true story.

I had never believed in ghosts, but after my friend talked to me, I felt they might exist.

2. (Sirigon, Thailand)

Thailand has many kinds of ghosts, but I would like to tell you about "Pe' ka sun," which lives in the body of an old woman. She never died because she got strength from eating dirty things. For example, she would eat the thing that covers a baby after birth. Every midnight, her head would leave her body and move around looking for something to eat. She did this every night until people in the town knew about her, because she used to clean her mouth on the white clothing that they dried outside of their houses. People found blood on their white clothes every morning. However, she would go back to her body before sunrise every morning.

She had a beautiful daughter and a lot of men liked her. Her daughter would become "Pe' ka sun" after her mother died. People were scared of her and they tried to kill her many times, but they could not. Finally, they used a bamboo tree; these trees are very sharp, so they brought them to make sticks. "Pe' ka sun" felt terrible pain when they stabbed the bamboo sticks into her, and she died at last.

This is just one ghost story from my town, but it is the most famous one.

3. (Naomi, Japan)

This story is about an experience of my friend's friend. I don't know when it happened, but my friend's friend went somewhere by car with a few people. On their way, there was a very old road which almost nobody used. They could have gone by another way, but it took a roundabout route, so they went on the deserted road. While they drove, they were listening to the radio, but then they heard something on the road. One of them said, "Did everyone hear a voice saying 'Watch out - be careful'?" But no one wanted to believe that. Then, they heard the voice again, very clearly. They became scared, so they stopped the car. Then, there was a landslide suddenly in front of them. Of course, they were surprised, and they thought they were saved by that voice, and that probably it was the voice of a god. They got out of the car to pray. Then they heard something again; it said, "You should die." They got in the car and went home quickly.

My friend's friend said, "The voice saved us, so why did it say that later?" That was extremely strange and scary.

4. (Sayuri, Japan)

Here is a story about a ghost that my friend told me. It really happened to my firend's friend, who is a snowboarder.

There were five people, and they went to Canada to snowboard. They really enjoyed snowboarding in the daytime. At night, they took a car; one of them was the driver, one guy sat in the front seat, and three of them sat in the back seat. While they were driving, they told ghost stories, just for fun. Then, one guy, who was sitting in the middle of the back seat, said, "Someone is holding my leg." At first, nobody believed him, but he continued, "Someone is holding my leg!" So they looked at his leg, and there was a hand - just a hand. They were afraid, and they ran away from the car. But the guy who sat in the middle of the back seat didn't come out. They worried about him and went to the car again. But nobody was there. He disappeared.

They still don't know where he is.

5. (Naoya, Japan)

A woman got pregnant, and she was really happy, but when the baby, a girl, was born, she didn't have any fingers. The woman hated the baby, so she left her in a department store.

After five years, she had another child. When the child was three years old, they went to a park to play. One child at the park was crying. It was so noisy! At first, they ignored her. But the child continued crying. Finally, the woman asked the child, "Why are you crying?" The child kept crying without answering. The woman asked, "Who is your mother?"

The child said, "You!" And then the woman saw that the child didn't have any fingers.

6. (Hidekazu, Japan)

There was a woman who lived alone in an apartment. She had a hobby, collecting antiques. Therefore, in her room, there were many sets of old furniture.

One day, she found a large, narrow, old mirror when she was shopping downtown. She thought it was really nice and bought it. She put the mirror in her room and used it when she changed clothes and made up her face.

However, she always felt like she was being watched whenever she was in her room. She looked around the room, but of course nobody else was there. One night, she felt like she was being watched when she was studying at her desk, so she turned around and looked at the window. She saw two shadows watching her in the glass of the window! But then she realized that they were the reflections, in the window, of herself and her own reflection in the mirror behind her. She felt a little embarrassed, but she made herself easy and went back to her desk.

A moment later, she suddenly felt strange and extremely scared. She looked at the window again and realized what was wrong. The reflection from the mirror was facing outward, but it should have shown her back because the mirror was behind her!

Of course, she sold the mirror immediately!