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Street spirit!
by Adrinne Ray

This incident happened to me when I was 12 years old.I went to my grandma's place that night.I was about to go back home when she insisted that I must spend the night at her place because it is already quite late at night.

So I thought what the heck and I stayed there (it is about 10 minutes cycling from my mom's place).

The next morning ,about 6 am,she woke me up cause I got to go to school.I had to run back to my mom's place to wash up and get dressed.Because it was quite dark ,she asked my uncle (my mom's younger brother) to send me.He was putting on his shoes and he asked me cycle slowly so that he will be able to catch up with me with his motorcycle.

So I cycled slowly.As I was cycling, I keep on looking at the back to see whether my uncle was coming.But I guess he is too slow for me.When I reach at a shortcut street near my house,I felt that someone actually pushed on my back seat and sit on it!.The bike was suddenly quite heavy.I turned around to see who was it but no one was there!I tried to cycle to the main road with the heavy load where you can get the streetlight.When I reach there, suddenly it was not heavy already.So I quickly cycled back home and yet my uncle haven't been able to catch up with me!What a slow coach!I told my mom about this incident and she advised me not to use the street during day or night.So I guess that it had been nearly 8 years I did not use the place and I am still living in the same place!

Sometimes until now I still wonder whether the spirit that sat at the back seat of my bike is really tired to walk/float and need a lift from me!Ha!Ha!Ha!