A Collection of True Ghost Stories From Around Asia

Last Update : 29 July 1999

Welcome to Asian Horror! This site is dedicated to all of those who enjoy paranormal activities especially from Asian continents. I came up with this site so that people from around Asia can share their horrific and gruesome tales from the dark side. It is not that I am favouring Asian ghost stories but I find that Asian ghost stories are quite hard to find on the WWW. Therefore, I have set up this page solely dedicated to Asian ghost stories.

There is, however, a small favour that I would like to ask of you, that if possible, can you please help me keep this site going by contributing stories? Come on, share your stories with me. Thanks! :)

Oh, yes. Just one more thing, please bear in mind that this site is NOT a work of literature. Therefore, please excuse the grammar, punctuation, etc. This site is more towards real encounters and not fictionous creations.

Okay, enough babbling. Just sit back, relax and .... ENJOY!

First hand encounters

Stories that have been
contributed by friends and visitors.
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